Discover DraftBot !

This guide is a presentation of the main features of DraftBot and tips to start your adventure nicely.

What is DraftBot ?

DraftBot is a Discord bot developed by @BastLast that allows you to live a textual adventure.

The story takes place in a medieval world where the player controls an adventurer who must win a competition organized by the king to win the hand of the princess. To achieve his goal, he must travel, collect points and face many dangers. The game takes place in real-time, and the player is regularly prompted to request "reports" from the character they are controlling. During these reports, the character may seek advice from the player through a choice system using Discord reactions. Each choice leads the character to beneficial or detrimental consequences. Throughout his journey, the character may be injured, collect different equipment, etc.

Main features.

  • Lead your little character and help him get the princess!

  • No permission needed, your server is safe!

  • Simple configuration: just a channel.

  • Join thousands of players, fight and create your guild with your friends!

  • Help us improve the bot! Completely open-source project!

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